Friday, August 22, 2008

too much

I have heard the cry of the masses and I'm posting something!!!

There is so much going on right now, but it's difficult to get it all out. Maybe I'll use the default bullet list.

  • Softie moved out of the nest in July.
  • I'm a single mom again.
  • There were major layoffs at work
  • I still have a job.
  • Most of my friends don't work with me anymore.
  • Sometimes, I feel a little survivor guilt about that.
  • Friends that weren't laid off, quit.
  • The first (since I started this job) full version release is underway at my job.
  • I'm busy with that. Crazy busy. It's perfect for me.
  • School started.
  • I'm busy with that. Crazy busy. Not as much confidence here, but I think I'm pulling it off with grace inspite of my lack of confidence....

I think that's about it. Things are actually really great. We're all getting along so well and there's patience all around for each other which is nice and new and refreshing. I have some projects in the air right now with the house and I've taken the before pictures....oddly enough, the after pics are just not, um, how you say? uhhmmmmm....coming together like I'd wish they would.

But! Isn't that what the weekend is for?!

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  1. Wow. That's a lot of bullet points! :) I'm sorry to hear about the bad ones. You're such a great, strong person - you obviously have more confidence than you think, to have been through what you have and made it. Remember to take care of you, amidst taking care of everyone else, OK? Praying for you...