Friday, March 28, 2008

Heard just now...

Mom? If my hair is trying to tell me something and you find out before me, could you please tell me?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Evidence of why I only sing in English

This is strangely hilarious to me. I find the end the funniest. Then, like all youtube videos, I find myself watching it again just to scoop in all the funny and make sure I haven't missed something. HAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

blogging dry spell

I want to post. I believe I have something in me to say, but here lately, it's been hard.

There's something rather awful about the picture on my last post being what greets my fine illustrious readers. All 5 of you.

I appreciate each and every one of you.

I think funny things happen every day. I imagine there are things I could post. Mostly, I'm not sure why nothing is making it all the way from life to the blog. I guess I feel a bit boring inside. Certainly, I sincerely doubt that anything I would note would be of note for any real purpose.

I have considered the whole write something because you have a blog and the more often you post, the more you'll have to say. I think November should prove to me that forced writing is a bit, umm.....boring.

There are a couple of posts that I sort of planned for November that I never wrote. I suppose I could maybe dig into those ideas.

I'm not sure though. You'll just have to keep checking back to see if I do it. If I come up with someone wonderful and impressive or even funny-ish. Ha ha! Who is challenged now?!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good morning, Florida

Good morning, Florida!

Just so we're clear, this here, inside the walls? This is my house. See all that lovely sprawling nature outside? That is YOUR house. You don't eat in mine and I won't eat in yours. Capeesh?

hmmm...not so much, eh?

After a marvelous night of restful sleep, I am awakened and there's a little request made of me. "Can you make lunches this morning?"

But of COURSE! I love making lunches! I sauntered out of bed and into the kitchen to begin my work. Now, we have a pretty open floor plan, so the entry from the garage, from the front door, and the pantry are all within an arms reach of each other. When the flooring guys finished up their work a couple of months ago, the trim around the garage door particularly is rather gappish. It's made for interesting discovery, but nothing as interesting as this morning.

Before my very eyes, in the crevice there by the garage door was something rather bulky even for us! I turned the kitchen light on and turned quickly to Mini Mann and said, "What is this?! When did you get this toy?" He turned, looked, and ran crying into the bathroom to get Daddy. Apparently, it wasn't a toy. It lay there nice enough with a dead lizard right next to it. It was a real snake. In my HOUSE!

Well, thank goodness to a dear friend who answered her phone at the ungodly hour of 7:00AM, we learned that it was probably a non-poisonous little corn snake, but that didn't make a single person in my house any braver. There was sweating. There was inappropriate laughter. Shreiking. Tears. Shaking. Someone even threw up!

In the end, though, my hero used the barbeque tongs and delicately freed the little bugger from the inside garage door where he apparently became stuck, most probably the night before...eghphphph!, and tossed him/her outside. Back to its house and out of mine.

I'm really glad to learn a couple of things from this little experience.

1. We have snake fighting tools currently in our possession! Who would have known?

2. My Softie is the bravest man I know. (and no, baby, I don't think that snake is outside plotting for revenge against you with the tongs.)

3. If you don't remember buying it, it's probably not a toy.

4. Trying to pick up the snake by its tail didn't work for Softie the way it did for Moses (Exodus 4:2-4), but we (I) screamed a little when he tried and then I used completely inappropriate humor and brought Moses into our little equation.

So, now, I believe I shall without fear go and get ready for my day. Strange though, how similar common household items can look to a serpent after such an experience!!! GAH!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Below you will find the most excellent picture of an x-ray I've ever taken. I drew in some cute little red arrows that point so the most amazing fracture in a humerus that I've ever seen.

The only really sad thing is that this fine looking fracture is currently living inside the arm of my 13-year-old little boy. The amazing thing, is that this fracture didn't stop him from enjoying the race at Daytona. Although he fell at school the Thursday before the race, he didn't really get too miserable until Sunday night. Even at that, the pain he experienced still had to be mostly inferred since he didn't actually say, " arm is pretty sore. sure would be nice if it would feel...uuuhhh...better or somefin'."

He never complained of pain, but the picture shows that there was probably some pretty significant pain inside his little body.

Good news, though! He didn't need any surgery and today, just 2 weeks afterward, he was swinging on a swing without his sling on and he had a great time! He'll wear a sling for about 4 more weeks and then everything should be all healed up.