Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Literary clues...

I like watching TV more as an observer than an interested participant in plotlines. I find it very interesting that in many cases, I am able to tell what show is on just based on the film that is used. CSI uses a very specific type of film. So do the Law & Order series. I love to watch for the unspoken clues as well. What the weather is doing. Whether there is music or not. This bad,little, somewhat annoying habit of mine makes the viewing experience much less boring when I don't have much control of the remote.

Don't get me wrong, I really like getting involved in certain programs. Grey's Anatomy for one. And with that one, honestly, I like to think about what songs I could think of for upcoming episodes. Maybe one off Lisa's new album. I'd love to hear Misfit or Lover's Fly on that show. That would be cool!

Friday, February 16, 2007

My Promised Post

So, I called my most wonderfullest bestest friend in the world and told her that I was going to post today. So, since there's less than 40 minutes left today, I'd better get to it.

I think it's really weird how the things that I want to forget, I truly can't. I have been trying to rid my head of some old phone numbers. Seriously! They need to flush away for good. There's more things in there that could really use the space that they are taking up.

Two days ago, someone randomly asked me why we need potassium. Did you know that my mostly complete guess was dead on?! I have all this random stuff up there! No wonder I can't seem to get enough medication! I think that the useless stuff is confusing the meds. The poor meds don't know what to do with all that crap!!

The really great payoff for this killer memory of mine? No room for new info. Honestly! My brain is so full! I wanted to have fun with my favorite little word last night at band practice and I said it inside out. What's that about? Oh, and that class I took last summer? Those tests that I passed? That raise? Truly! I'm pretty sure that most of it will never be retrieved without the assistance of my text book.

I'm sure I could close this post with more of a point, but I just can't think of one.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Cable TV is back at our house!

Our recent move limited our ability to fully channel surf. Funny though, now that the cable is back on, we're still watching the local networks. Now there are just more channels to flip through during the commercials.

Ahh...life is good!

I had a silly idea while driving.

I've been trying to think of things to post, so that I'm posting more regularly. I had a silly idea for a topical, ongoing type of post. I saw God today... And since I had this great idea, my seeing God hasn't been, well, very obvious. I've been thinking, "How did I see God today?" and the reply string coming back through my head is filled with cheesy answers. In the green trees and the gray skies. Bleeeecgh! But, I guess that He did give us those trees and that sky.

So, even though I think it's incredibly cheesy, that's where I saw Him on Saturday.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Life without cable.

It's been so long since I've lived life without cable TV. All we have right now is an antenna. It's funny, kinda like a small victory every single day. Truly, we get most of the channels I want with this archaic contraption.

I think what's more funny than anything is that we have gotten to watch things in the last 2 weeks that I've never seen before. We even watched a couple of episodes of American Idol. It's still in the "let's make fun of these losers" phase. I think it's funny. Softie thinks it's embarrassing.

No Poker. No Motorcyle Building. No Arguing Reality TV. This is truly peaceful.

Music and memories

I love how memories can be so quickly raised by songs. The last place I heard this song or what I was doing when I heard it for the first time. Memories tied to experiences.

As I grow as a parent and gain more parental experiences, I think it's crazy weird how much my kids remember things and their relation to song experiences.

My daughter loves Devo's Whip It because we were listening to 80's Explosion during one of our excursions to the Lakeland Annual Garage Sale. I specifically remember listening to that song in the drive through at McDonald's and my sister sitting in the passenger seat absolutely rolling at the sweet one singing at full volume in the back seat to that song.

Big Dub will hear the overhead, barely audible song in the grocery store and remember where he heard that song last. "Whoa! Mom! That's the song from your car!! I can't believe they have it at Safeway!!"

Little Mann, he's a whole other story. Sometimes he makes up songs. Sometimes he knows and sings the same song all day long, with the actions. The funny thing about him is that he doesn't sing new songs in front of anyone until he knows he's doing it right. This is rather humorous at church where he will NOT participate in class when his sister is leading the worship time, but the second we get in the car, he's working on those new songs. With all the action and facial expressions he saw from the teachers in his class. On this, he will work to perfection until he actually brings it.

And of all of them, he's the one who won't leave the house until he looks like a rock star! Oy!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

If I never move again, it will be too soon.

I explained earlier that I've moved quite a bit in my life, but this one is by far, one for the books. It only took 7 days to finish. Seven. SEVEN.

So much went into this move. Can you say emotional enema? Can you imagine 3000 lbs going to the dump? But hey, it's done. I guess that's all that matters.

A Woman's Mind

A woman's mind is so cavernous. There are things that swim around up there that don't ever see the light of day. What constitutes that which will not come out once it's been deposited?

I can't help but think that our past experiences with others and the reactions from sharing previous secrets limit our willingness to share them. Whether it is something that you think is funny that no one else does or something that you thought you could share with your closest friend, the way those things are received by others can ultimately determine how and with whom you'll share again.

Eventually, through the passage of time, we strongly limit and in some cases we completely lock up these things. After time, putting things into this quiet place becomes second nature. So much so, that we don't even realize we're doing it.

That is until, somewhere along the line, we find someone. Someone with whom our thoughts align. Our fears relate. Our experiences collide. Someone unexpected. And yet, it is for real. I'm so glad that this person exists. And more than that, I'm glad I found her. A kindred spirit. Someone who gets me without a lot of explanation. It's pretty refreshing. It can be hard to believe that she's for real, but I really think that it is. More than that, I'm really glad she's here right now.

Wow ~ I suck!!

How boring am I? I can not BELIEVE that it's been since the 17th of January that I posted. Oh my goodness! I've had so many ideas for posts, but wouldn't you know it? I can't think of a single one. I think I need to be more diligent about posting more regularly. That way, I'd probably be less likely to lose track of all of my ideas. I'm going to work on a couple of my ideas. It'll probably take a few days to dump them all out, but I'm going to try.