Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Music and memories

I love how memories can be so quickly raised by songs. The last place I heard this song or what I was doing when I heard it for the first time. Memories tied to experiences.

As I grow as a parent and gain more parental experiences, I think it's crazy weird how much my kids remember things and their relation to song experiences.

My daughter loves Devo's Whip It because we were listening to 80's Explosion during one of our excursions to the Lakeland Annual Garage Sale. I specifically remember listening to that song in the drive through at McDonald's and my sister sitting in the passenger seat absolutely rolling at the sweet one singing at full volume in the back seat to that song.

Big Dub will hear the overhead, barely audible song in the grocery store and remember where he heard that song last. "Whoa! Mom! That's the song from your car!! I can't believe they have it at Safeway!!"

Little Mann, he's a whole other story. Sometimes he makes up songs. Sometimes he knows and sings the same song all day long, with the actions. The funny thing about him is that he doesn't sing new songs in front of anyone until he knows he's doing it right. This is rather humorous at church where he will NOT participate in class when his sister is leading the worship time, but the second we get in the car, he's working on those new songs. With all the action and facial expressions he saw from the teachers in his class. On this, he will work to perfection until he actually brings it.

And of all of them, he's the one who won't leave the house until he looks like a rock star! Oy!

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