Friday, February 16, 2007

My Promised Post

So, I called my most wonderfullest bestest friend in the world and told her that I was going to post today. So, since there's less than 40 minutes left today, I'd better get to it.

I think it's really weird how the things that I want to forget, I truly can't. I have been trying to rid my head of some old phone numbers. Seriously! They need to flush away for good. There's more things in there that could really use the space that they are taking up.

Two days ago, someone randomly asked me why we need potassium. Did you know that my mostly complete guess was dead on?! I have all this random stuff up there! No wonder I can't seem to get enough medication! I think that the useless stuff is confusing the meds. The poor meds don't know what to do with all that crap!!

The really great payoff for this killer memory of mine? No room for new info. Honestly! My brain is so full! I wanted to have fun with my favorite little word last night at band practice and I said it inside out. What's that about? Oh, and that class I took last summer? Those tests that I passed? That raise? Truly! I'm pretty sure that most of it will never be retrieved without the assistance of my text book.

I'm sure I could close this post with more of a point, but I just can't think of one.

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