Friday, February 29, 2008

What's up with our words tonight?

Dude, Dad! do need to pull up your pants. Nobody wants to see your underwear....uhh...except K-Dawg!

Spoken by Middle Mann. Followed by uproarious giggling from the 16 year old girls!

Do you ever struggle to find the right word??

Definitely, maybe. I heard that was really good. K-Dawg said it made her feel every emotion in the!

Quoted directly from my Sweetie's mouth.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a milestone

Is it possible that my Sweetie is officially 16 now? Honestly, I didn't really know what it would be like to have a 16-year-old but it's not half bad. It makes me think of me when I was that age...all of 18 years ago. And it also reminds me of that fateful little age that's looming ever so close. The one that I did the math on when I was pregnant with her. The age I would be if she had a baby when I had her. That birthday is coming up in a month for me. Of course, there's a whole year there where something horrible could happen that would forever alter the course of her life. I just don't see that happening, though. For that, I can only thank God. Seriously. How she ended up being so amazing with me as her mom blows my mind just about every second that I think about it.

AND! She likes Gainesville. She's even been calling it home. AND! She's got a meeting with Softie on Thursday at the local community college to learn "all you ever wanted to know about dual enrollment but didn't know to ask" for her final two years of high school. Wow. For real. My head would explode if I let it. She's so grown up and getting more so every day.

Hello little blog! It's been too long...

So, hi. Sorry it's been so long. Probably you've been feeling all neglected and stuff.

Honestly, I've thought time and time again about stopping by and saying a little something here and there. Certainly much has been going on. I've not been under a rock by any stretch of the imagination. Not unless a rock would be considered one of extreme busy-ness and a renewed tiredness that was absent for about a month. When I'm not sleepy, I'm BUSY! So, then when I'm sleepy I need to sleep to catch up from all the busy-ness.

So, now I've got some time and some things to catch y'all up on. Enjoy the next few posts. Plus, I'm uploading pics to Flickr too! Yay!

he made it to daytona!