Sunday, October 26, 2008

Revealing more than I realized

The internet has opened up so much real estate for the lives of the people of our world. I use 'real estate' rather loosely, but my intent is that the space between each of us has shrunk significantly in that we can access so much of each others lives without really knowing anyone in real life.

I recently learned a little lesson here on the interwebs that was very overdue, in reality.

I've always felt pretty safe online. I protect the kids names here and I've rarely considered my own name as threatening, since it's a pretty common name and I've never been able to find anything out about myself online. Nothing really juicey anyway. This feeling of contented safety left me the other day when I made a new friend.

I was at a pre-Gator-game party and met a bunch of people. We exchanged names and talked a bit while we were there. On the way out, we exchanged phone numbers. I really didn't think anything of it. I'm a grown up. I like people. I've often exchanged info with single serving friends and never heard from them again. Truth be told, exchanging phone numbers wasn't threatening, it was actually very helpful.

In reality, the lesson I learned here had more to do with my online presence than having given my phone number out. The person I met GoogleStalked me based only on my name and my city. I'm super glad I'd shared my number so that I could find out about the gaping hole I'd left in my online privacy.

Here's my recommendation to you. Ya know how sometimes you take pics of your kids outside of your house that you post online? Think about the fact that there may be a street sign in your shot.

Also, if you've never checked the Street View of your address on Google Maps? Give it a try. You might be surprised what you see.

I've found a new love and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

I think if you've known me for about a day, you have probably figured out that I have got me some really dry feet. My heels are almost always cracked and I've tried everything to make it better.
Seriously? Everything.

Been there. Done that.

Then about a year ago, this fancy little product came on TV and I was all about the commercials. This drew significant ribbing from my family since they KNOW how much I've struggled with the dry heels. The commercial always showed this really gross ending to the fantastic smooth heels that loomed so closely. This ending requires the user to throw away the shavings.
Can I just tell you? I've had my share of pedicures and I've shaved my heels with enough devices that the thought of something catching all the sluff instead of me having to sweep up after the event? Well, that's nearly benefit enough AND reward enough for me to endure the teasing I knew would happen if I went ahead and tried this little device.
Alright ladies and gentleman, I did it. I braved the ribbing. I broke down. I picked the pink one in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I paid the lady her ten dollars and ya know what? I could be a freaking HEEL MODEL!!! Seriously? Such smoothness! The bliss is nearly uncontainable.
Thank you, Ped Egg. Thank you so very much!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My first time...

I went on a business trip last week and I had the awesome pleasure of heading back to the place I left a little over a year ago. It was my first time back since that early morning last August, when the car was packed up and I started the 5 day journey east with the kids.

I got to stay with my parents and drive my daddy's car. My momma cooked for me and did some laundry, took in my clothes so they'd fit, and even took me shopping. It was such a privilege to be spoiled during those days in their home again. Being with my folks was absolutely the best part about the trip.

I took ^that^ picture on my last day. We went down to the waterfront in Des Moines and walked out on the fishing pier. It was a beautiful day and seeing the Sound was just what I needed after such a heavily charged, emotion filled week back home.

I find it somewhat difficult to call Seattle home, now, especially having been back. Riding home on Sunday afternoon from the airport, anticipating hugging my kids and just being home was new again and freshly exhilarating.

There have definitely been times during the last year that I wanted nothing more than to go back to Seattle. Thinking that's where my home was. I know it's rather cliche, but what I learned most about my trip "home" is that when all was said and done, I actually left home and visited a place I once lived.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What are the real words to that song?

Tonight, I was in the car with my boys listening to this song and my Middle Mann started singing along...though he seemed to be giving tribute to his sister and their mama.

His voice has definitely been deepening and he raps right along with the man on the song, but when it comes to the girl part, he says, "She got it from our Mama!"

Here's a little snippet of the song, in case you don't want to risk a RickRoll on the above link