Wednesday, January 30, 2008

hey there world! here's my house

When we moved here, our little June, fed by the satellites, had some issues finding her way around this crazy sprawling area. Softie actually found the house we ended up renting on the first day of his intense search. He found it online. He tried for like 3 weeks to actually locate it. It didn't exist on Google or in the satellites.

All that has changed now and I'd like to show you what our house looks like. I think the pic is a couple of years old. If it was Washington, the development around us would have changed the overhead shot in like 2 months. Bare land isn't allowed to stay bare for long where we come from.

Although the nature around here is different, it's kinda nice to have it around. Undisturbed and what not.

Here's the fancy little view from the sky. Mine is the one right under the arrow. It's kinda hard to believe, but seriously, yes. Every single house in our whole neighborhood is exactly the same outside. There are small differences inside, but from the front...and the's all the same.

There's a gift for everyone

I was just surfing the internet tonight when something really caught my eye.

I think you should check it out. It's for me...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

sometimes I say stupid things

The other day, I was in a meeting. It was a teleconference and the presenter was sharing her computer screen.

At the end of the official presentation, she minimized all of the windows on her computer and we were able to see her desktop wallpaper. It was a picture of an ocean front. Granted, there wasn't any captioning that indicated anything for me. Just me, inside my head. I decided something really silly. When I realized how silly it was, I giggled out loud. So, then I had to share my stupid thought. Out loud.

The picture had the ocean on the left side of the screen. I made an assumption that the photo was taken looking south. SO, I decided that it must be the Atlantic ocean, because the Pacific would be on the other side of the picture. Obviously!

But then, tonight, my Sweetie was sitting on the other couch and she stuttered out my name then admitted to having wanted to say it backwards. She determined in the midst of her effort to do so that you can't really say Mom backwards. Or rather, you can, but no one would be able to tell you'd said it backwards.

Except you. Inside your own head!

Friday, January 25, 2008



I almost can't think of words to say to express how elated I am right now. My BFFE linked me on her blog to the pic posted just below and you know what? I had a record setting day over here in the Crazy Places...61 page hits in one single day! Damn! That's never happened. Even when I posted the video of my Sweetie singing.

My mind is blown! Completely away.


Thanks all y'all for stopping by!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

somethings just don't make sense

I travel for work. I enjoy it deeply. We've covered that.

There's one thing, though, that's sort of driving me a little crazy.

I rent a car while I'm gone and maybe there's more than one person with me. Hertz generously provides a couple of keys for the car. Unfortunately, they do so on a completely unbreakable ring.

Please tell me, Hertz, what's your plan for the 2nd key? Do you think that I'll take the little bolt cutter that I've scooted past airport security and break it apart? Do you hope then that upon the return of my car, I'll get my fancy little acetylene tank out and weld the sucker back together?

What? You don't take an acetylene tank and personal welding kit with you when you travel?

So far, TSA hasn't asked more than a couple of questions. I just have to tell them I rent from Hertz and there's more than one person that needs to use the car. They understand my plight and the need for said tools without another sideways look.

Doesn't it work like that for you in airport security? What?!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

It seems that there could be something wrong with this picture...

It's the same temperature here as there right now. The future looks to improve over time, but the fact that if I were there, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between here and there.

You may be thinking that I'm not making much sense. You should be in my head trying to sort stuff out and make sense of all that is there! :+)

heard in my house just now

Sweetie: How come you're so cute?
Mini: How come you're so beautiful?
Softie: Because she came from your mom and I'm not her daddy.

Did i miss something?

Can I get a witness?

So, we're sitting in church today and the pastor starts talking about how awesome God is and how great his reach into our lives is and how amazing his love for us is when he ends a sentence with, "Can somebody say AMEN?"

To which Middle Mann replies, "uhh...yeah..."

Such passion. We're probably going to have to start really limiting those outbursts. Totally reminded me of when he was baptized!

Pastor: Have you put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?
MM: uhh...sure...

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So my cool new job...can I tell you something?

Traveling is my favorite part!

It's kinda strange how the mundane everyday life stuff can get almost unbearable, but then you get on an airplane and you end up in a different place. A place that's clean. To a client who is going to end up with more when you leave then they have when you get there. A place that lets The pressure is completely work related and the living that happens outside of the work stuff is just what you make it.

I remembered this week while I was in St Louis how much fun my heart likes to have. It reminded me of this amidst a very upset stomach and a raging panic attack in the middle of training on Wednesday, but a felt completely alive in a whole new way. A way that wasn't actually all that new.

Softie is worried that I'm going to dive into the deep end of crazy, but's been so long since I've felt this alive and this happy inside. Really. Really. Happy inside.

so of course, because I don't know exactly how to be happy? I feel completely crazy! Out of My MIND CRAZY!!!!

And that is your free bit of information about me today. You're welcome.

many many things

I've been quiet. Not just here. Except that in real life I actually have to keep talking and living. On the blog, I can just sort of cop out with an occasional picture or video and call it good.

I've had lots of things going on lately. Lots and lots of crazy pounding around inside of me. Some of it showing. I think I'll write a little bit about it, but I also think I might just drop some little antidotes about my life and stuff.

I sort of feel like I've kinda been having a little bit of a blog identity crisis. My heart has had a hard time being all transparent. I guess I sort of figure that if I don't write I won't be able to look back and see where I've come from in a few years or maybe even in a few days. Sometimes, it might only take a couple of hours.

sometimes, a new perspective is all that I need.

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