Saturday, January 19, 2008


So my cool new job...can I tell you something?

Traveling is my favorite part!

It's kinda strange how the mundane everyday life stuff can get almost unbearable, but then you get on an airplane and you end up in a different place. A place that's clean. To a client who is going to end up with more when you leave then they have when you get there. A place that lets The pressure is completely work related and the living that happens outside of the work stuff is just what you make it.

I remembered this week while I was in St Louis how much fun my heart likes to have. It reminded me of this amidst a very upset stomach and a raging panic attack in the middle of training on Wednesday, but a felt completely alive in a whole new way. A way that wasn't actually all that new.

Softie is worried that I'm going to dive into the deep end of crazy, but's been so long since I've felt this alive and this happy inside. Really. Really. Happy inside.

so of course, because I don't know exactly how to be happy? I feel completely crazy! Out of My MIND CRAZY!!!!

And that is your free bit of information about me today. You're welcome.

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