Wednesday, January 30, 2008

hey there world! here's my house

When we moved here, our little June, fed by the satellites, had some issues finding her way around this crazy sprawling area. Softie actually found the house we ended up renting on the first day of his intense search. He found it online. He tried for like 3 weeks to actually locate it. It didn't exist on Google or in the satellites.

All that has changed now and I'd like to show you what our house looks like. I think the pic is a couple of years old. If it was Washington, the development around us would have changed the overhead shot in like 2 months. Bare land isn't allowed to stay bare for long where we come from.

Although the nature around here is different, it's kinda nice to have it around. Undisturbed and what not.

Here's the fancy little view from the sky. Mine is the one right under the arrow. It's kinda hard to believe, but seriously, yes. Every single house in our whole neighborhood is exactly the same outside. There are small differences inside, but from the front...and the's all the same.

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