Saturday, March 1, 2008

Below you will find the most excellent picture of an x-ray I've ever taken. I drew in some cute little red arrows that point so the most amazing fracture in a humerus that I've ever seen.

The only really sad thing is that this fine looking fracture is currently living inside the arm of my 13-year-old little boy. The amazing thing, is that this fracture didn't stop him from enjoying the race at Daytona. Although he fell at school the Thursday before the race, he didn't really get too miserable until Sunday night. Even at that, the pain he experienced still had to be mostly inferred since he didn't actually say, " arm is pretty sore. sure would be nice if it would feel...uuuhhh...better or somefin'."

He never complained of pain, but the picture shows that there was probably some pretty significant pain inside his little body.

Good news, though! He didn't need any surgery and today, just 2 weeks afterward, he was swinging on a swing without his sling on and he had a great time! He'll wear a sling for about 4 more weeks and then everything should be all healed up.


  1. Since I am a sick Anatomy and Physiology student, I would like to know what type of fracture that is. :)

  2. I'm not sure of its name. It was through and through, but not displaced enough to need setting. But it was a little displaced.

    Does that answer your question at all??

  3. Yes, thank you. HAHA. If I remember correctly, I think that would be a complete fracture. And, I think displaced means that the top part was not aligned with the bottom portion. It's so fun to put my knowledge with real life! Thanks! :) I hope he isn't in too much pain anymore, and that he heals soon! :)