Wednesday, December 3, 2008

day 2

  • Squatting 5 lbs more than my body weight and the endorphins this little activity affords my brain.
  • Heat packs and warm water that help to ease my muscles and lubricate my insides.
  • Carmex - I'm using it a bit oddly, but it's really doing the trick on my new heel cracks
  • Clean boys that bathe themselves
  • Nearly normal poop - One day, it'll be 100% normal again and I'll be a happy girl with happy insides.


  1. DUDE. i plaster my feet in vicks vapor rub and then cover them with thick socks every night. soft feet are mighty nice.

    can't help you with the poop. sorry. :-D


  2. Flax Plus Cereal is my savior.