Sunday, February 15, 2009

just a couple of bits of weekend goodness

Just the other day, I got home from work and Mini Mann comes running in from the neighbors and he says, "Mom! I'm over at the neighbors' house. I'm being very good. I'm very respectful. I even prayed with them before their dinner. One thing though, I didn't know about their sign language at the end."

Yesterday afternoon, the same kid comes out back and tells me he wants to show me something. He sits down with a book and begins reading...his posture is what was the cutest part of the whole thing and I realized, he does this quite often when reading to me. He sits with a very quiet body and holds the book just to his left. He faces the pictures toward me and reads all the words from the side. Just Like His Teacher!!!! It was most adorable.

A little later, I'm folding laundry and I hear the following conversation from the other room:

W: Oh! I love his books.
H: He only wrote Put Me In The Zoo.
W: No way, man! He wrote all kinds of books! Like Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop. Man! I can read those by heart!!!

Good times. Good times.


  1. I love the sign language one! HAHAHA!

  2. Lisa (the girls' moma)February 22, 2009 at 11:36 PM

    I can totally hear W saying that -- "MAN! I can read those by HEART!"