Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Today's challenge

I've been reading throughout this fine blogland over the last week. I must say that I've been feeling pretty challenged by some of the posts I've been reading. There's a nagging ache in me to write more about what makes me tick. I don't know why I struggle so much with this. I don't want to struggle with sharing my insides. The deepest recesses of my crazy brain. I might actually be afraid of what I'll find there.

One thing that I find rather humorous about myself is that when I'm really struggling to come up with something (like 2 posts ago), I end up writing about something so random like my average length of stay in a residence. What if I just allow a stream of consciousness take over? Would I end up with post upon post upon post? What might I say? Who might think something awful of me? What awful might I think of myself? EEKS!

I sort of want to run away from this burning desire inside of me. This desire to just let my thoughts flow. It is really silly, however. After all, there were months of contemplation about blogging. It wasn't until the NaBloPoMo challenge that I felt compelled to go ahead and open up.

Maybe I just need to go back to counseling for a while?! 8-)

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