Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I think you should know by now that I live in hope of receiving the actual 'Mother of the Year' award. Today, I think I might have sealed the deal for this year. Here's the story.

The morning routine responsibilities are split up between Softie and I. He certainly bears a heavier load each day with making the three lunches, finding the boys clothes, and taking two of the three kids to school. My job each morning is basically to make sure that Middle Mann gets on the bus with his backpack - lunch inside.

This morning, I found the backpack, grabbed the sack lunch off the counter, put it inside the backpack and sent him on his way. Whew! That was no harder than any other day.


I received an IM from Softie this afternoon.

S: You forgot to pack his lunch today
Me: Um, no.
S: Yep
Me: I'd swear I put his lunch in his backpack this morning.
S: Nope. The sack you packed had ROCKS in it.
Me: NO WAY! That oughta teach someone to put ROCKS in brown paper bags.

Yes, for real. Basically? I rock like that!

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  1. Ha ha! ROCKS! I'm typing up your MOTY nomination as we speak...