Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My middle mann - Part I

Back in October I wrote a little something something about my Sweetie and I think it's about time to tell y'all a little something about the Middle Mann. There's certainly plenty to talk about when it comes to him, and well, I need to think about something other than what's in my own head right now.

There is a preamble to getting to know my now big-ish dude. I'll spare most of the narsty details and just say that there was a genetic donor who shall remain free of any credit for the awesomeness that is my boy. This procreative participant was in the Army and served in Kuwait following the Desert Storm conflict participating primarily in the clean up following the conflict itself. It is of note, though not scientifically proven, that the kids of those vets have a significantly higher chance of having some sort of impact during the maternal cooking time. (vague enough?)

The whole being pregnant thing sucked just as much the second time as the first less all the morning (who am I kidding? it was all freaking day) sickness. I had other stuff to deal with while I was pregnant, namely finding a new church, moving out of an apartment I couldn't afford, separating my belongings from the jerk donor, obtaining a restraining order to ensure I would not continue to be physically hurt, paying down the $600 phone bill that was racked up during a 60 day deployment to Somalia, and admitting to my family that everything I'd been telling them for the preceeding nearly 2 years was a lie and that I needed help and love and safety.

My family was shocked by all this revelation, but amazingly stepped right back into my life; the life I had completely shut them out of, and they loved all over me without fail or question.

The last six months of my pregnancy proceeded with me living in my parents' house with my 2 1/2 year old Sweetie. I worked hard in my parents house and paid some rent and bought our food. I was on public assistance for the time being, but I only planned on taking about 6 weeks off after I delivered.

Labor eluded me. I learned how it feels to have an irritable uterus. Dehydration was the order of the day. Dehydration which led to cramps and contractions that did little more than tire me out. The weekend before I delivered him, I spent 2 nights at the hospital trying to convince them that my water had broken. To no avail.

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