Sunday, April 13, 2008

Who would have thought?

At the beginning of the week, I had no idea of the things I would learn during my time out of the office.

I learned so much about many things this week. I was introduced to the concept of the GUT in the midst of a debate about evolution. I am very interested that theories like this don't actually separate me from the evolutionists of the world but rather offer a scientific possibility for unification of thought when one considers the reality that there is only one possible ultimate Truth. It was awesome to me to consider this.

While my Friday ended with a little disappointment when I was told that I am not what one would consider an encyclopedia; I am still friend material since I have not demonstrated an unwillingness to learn nor to consider positions opposite from what I believe or have known previously.

I never would have imagined a random introduction to false cognates or begun the bewildering task of being of the internet instead of just on the internet.


It may seem that my life is just beginning.

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