Thursday, March 12, 2009

How's about a little Grace?

So, while it's not 5 things, it's one really funny thing that made me very very happy to have a special kid.
We ate at a friend's house the other night. They served Rice and Beans as well as pork steak of one part or another of some poor pig's shoulder. After the meal, I asked the lady of the house what kind of beans she used. "Are they just red beans?" "No," she replied, "they're pinto beans, I believe." Middle Mann, sitting quietly across the table piped up and said, "Pinto, huh? I thought they were Porkn!"
Wait! I think that is 5 things!!!
1. Food I didn't have to prepare.
2. Friends with gracious, sharing hearts.
3. Relationship time after a meal with talking in real sentences.
4. My Middle Mann
5. Beans!!!!!!!! Even if they're not pork n beans

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