Friday, September 21, 2007

Cable, Phone, and Internet

While last week, I was reeling from all of the activity of moving in and seeing my stuff in our new house, this week, I've reconnected to the outside world from my home.

Just in time to catch the Premier Week on ABC!!

The cable company down here as a 3 for 1 package that includes cable, internet, and phone service. And because it's the introductory 6 months, we also have some premium channels on the cable. The internet is supposedly lightning fast, but I'm not as yet 100% convinced that they measure speed with the same ruler as the Pacific Northwest. I'm sure we'll get used to it and miss it terribly once we can't afford the package in 6 months...cuz I'm sure they'll "Jack My Price Up!" (dang it! I can't find the video to link!)

So, home is wired and fully functional once again. I'm hoping to get more time to blog now. It'll be nice to once again spill my guts and share more of my craziness here. There's plenty going on inside my head these days.

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