Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas letters

I was thinking this year, I should probably write one of those fancy little Christmas letters I often receive from my friends and family.

I tend to think lots of things about these letters. Some of them are amazingly well thought out and presented. Some of them are just downright corny. Some are pleasant. Some are boring. Some are so full of details, it's like you were with them for the whole proceeding year.

So, I'm a little stuck about which kind of letter I should write. Should it be funny? Should I write about the whole year, or just the time since I moved across the country?

I'm also wondering about the fact that I've never written one of these letters before. Well, I've never written one that's ever been read by anyone other than me. Should I write about all that's happened since, what, like the beginning of time? When should I start? This is the question I struggle with the most.

Maybe I'll just put a little survey up to try and address this. Random people! Please vote!

Mostly, I just want to see how well my new printer will work. How cheesy is that?!


  1. I always thought the letters were suppose to be for the year. I hate the ones where it is presumed that you know and remember everything about Little Sally or Little Bobby--like, "And, of course, after nationals, Little Sally has been polishing that trophy!!"

  2. Lisa (the girls' moma)December 9, 2007 at 9:28 PM

    Just send a picture -- that's all people really want, anyway. ;)