Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fun with a friend

I made it to Chicago without any issues. The icy weather arrived the first night I was there. I worked from the hotel on Tuesday and by the time I needed to head off to the site, the 1/2" of ice had thoroughly melted. I had originally thought that the site was 4 miles from the hotel, but it ended up only being about 1 1/2 miles instead. I was glad since we worked late into the night.

All in all everything for work went very well. I was onsite the following day and there was no issues to speak of. YAY!

Then....I went over and visited with my friend since high school.

We had dinner with C's parent's at their house. Her brother was in town from Michigan with his wife and their two sweet little kiddos. I'd never met any of the little ones and hadn't seen anyone else in C's family in 9 years since her wedding.

I got to meet her daughter who is exactly the same age that Sweetie was when C met her.

It was an awesome time filled with sharing memories, food, stories, and making new memories. C and I stayed up until almost 2 am talking. What a treat!

I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to get together with her. Especially since they just found out that she and her little family will be moving to Barcelona, Spain in just a couple of months.

Oh, and yes, I told her about the shaving story. Initially, we spent more time trying to remind her of what visit I was talking about. Then I learned from her mom that there may be something even better than Cetaphil. Apparently, there's something with brown sugar that's just amazing for your skin.

I shared my blog with her too. Hopefully, she'll get one going soon too so she can share all about life in Spain.

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