Saturday, December 8, 2007

my's current condition.

I just wanted to give y'all an update on my house.

It's dry.

The fans are gone.

This makes me happy.

We do, however, still have just bare concrete floors throughout the previously water soaked areas of our home. A couple of visitors came by this week and said it was cool. Kinda industrial. The way the make new flats on purpose. Of course, they did concede that generally, those intentionally industrial looking floors for the cool people of the world are shiny, polished, and well, a little more finished and on purpose looking. That's not our experience here.

I've decided that I'm calling it the inDUSTrial floor. Mini Mann has been coughing pretty much since the flooring came up.

In spite of that, I decided today that I was tired of not living in a home. Well, not really living. There's been furniture all hodge podge for a week and it ended today. Today, I finally moved into this house. In fact, everything is now in a place that makes me feel like I live in a home. I like it this way a lot. It's all homey. Well, without a real floor, but it's really nice.

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  1. Lisa (the girls' moma)December 9, 2007 at 9:39 PM

    You're so cool, with your awesome flooring! You go!