Saturday, August 4, 2007

finger counting

This post is going to take a little imagination. I'm going to try and use my amazing artistic skills to demonstrate the story that follows, but dude! For real? This was so funny when it happened, so I'm sharing it here.

Yesterday was Mini Mann's birthday. He turned 6! It was pretty early in the day when he got all excited that being 6 was demonstrated on TWO HANDS! He demonstrated this as shown here. (don't hate me because I'm so creative - it's better than it was)

He was marching around showing his sister, brother, and I that it took two hands to show how many 6 is. She and I were so proud and encouraging, but Middle Mann needed to pick a fight for some reason. He was disagreeable and continued to argue that Mini wasn't showing him 6. He was showing him 15 and the little dude is not 15! (said in his full-on Napoleon, disgusted, arguey, exasperated tone)

I didn't understand what his problem was with the demonstration of 6, so I asked him, "If that's 15, then what's 6?" Then he showed me and I busted up laughing inside.

UPDATED: The demonstration photos replace my late night stick figure attempts in Paint. The original stick figure art is available by request.

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