Saturday, August 4, 2007


Mom is doing okay. She slept and through the night her supplemental oxygen was able to be trimmed in half.

By the time she was discharged late yesterday afternoon, the staff felt that she was stable enough to maintain her own oxygen levels without any supplement (when she pays attention to her breathing).

My dad is following up with her physicians to pursue the reasoning behind the seeming underlying cause for her fall. In my opinion, her fall was symptomatic of something else.

She won't be able to bear weight on her left leg or foot and her right arm is braced well, though very tender following surgery. She's using a wheelchair at home, but the house wasn't built to be fully accessible. She's able to manage with my dad's assistance currently. He'll have to return to work after the weekend, so I hope that by then, she'll be a little more independent in her transfers. The wheelchair is supposed to fill a very temporary need as she should be able to begin bearing weight in the middle of next week.

I'll try to keep updating here, but OH MY GOODNESS! There's so much other stuff going on.

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