Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some stuff from the last week or so.

I bought a new toy. I know you're jealous...mine is the silver one with 160 GB of storage. It's going to take some time to fill it up, but I'm ready for the challenge.

I was in Puerto Rico. For a week.

In case you weren't sure, unless you have a very diverse exposure to the ecoli available in the waters of this region, do not drink the water. Not even the nice bottled water provided by the hotel. It's bottled from water deep in a well in the beautiful native land in which you dwell. I believe it may, in fact, be the festering grounds for the evil creatures that climbed inside me and made a home. My body loves me so much, that it kindly, and quickly saw to it that all the evil creatures were expelled mercilessly within 12 hours of their entrance.

Going to PR and leaving your family for the longest ever in the history of their lives is the perfect time for amazing lessons to be learned at home. It is not generally recommended that these lessons involve the 6 year old and his encounter with jumping off a toilet, a slippery floor, and the edge of the door. Softie did a great job at stopping the bleeding, locating a health care facility in the area, and encouraging the doctor to take his time and stitch him up nicely. Heck! It only took 14 stitches to get the job done.

I did take some beautiful pictures on the plane ride home. The Carribean is absolutely breath-taking.

Sweetie started her own blog!

AND! We went to the ocean yesterday. The Atlantic ocean. We've official gone from sea to shining sea. Pictures are coming.

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