Thursday, October 4, 2007

Watching football

I am just sitting here with Softie, watching TV the way we do when he's driving the remote. We watch everything. Sports. Car Dealership infomercials. Sports. on HBO. This is a fun way to watch TV, though I must admit that it did take some real getting used to.

When we first got together, watching TV with him would drive me crazy. He'd flip to this show and that show and ask me what was going on. Like I knew anymore than he did. We just turned on the show! Remember? You're driving the remote?

It's not like that anymore. I don't have the attention span I used to, so flipping around between 3-10 different shows works for me.

In the midst of it all, I have all these short term exposures to the oddities that are resident in this human race of ours. In life, I tend to try to relate just about everything to something else. Something that I have personal experience with. So with that knowledge in hand...a snippet of tonight's TV experience from my perspective.

I've noticed that when football players get a touchdown, it's fun to watch the guys around the actual play maker. Usually, the main guy is gettin' down with his bad self and someone will run up and be all hip to the step. They slam into each other with coolness dripping from their jerseys. They are the two that the shot is intended for.

But, I find it interesting that there's usually another player or two around this exposure of coolness whose complete dorkiness is revealed on camera for the world to see. He tries to get in on the action of the celebration, but he really ends up looking very much like a big oaf. Jumping up after the other two. Trying to make it back down in time to throw his arm up and high five the play maker's....umm....head. It's really funny.

Next time you're watching the news and the sports come on, don't watch the play the poor sap behind him, trying to be cool like his teammates.

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