Saturday, November 15, 2008


I woke up awful early today, on my day off. It ended up being a good thing. A very good thing.

I was slated to spend the day at an audio conference at church. However, when I signed in, I discovered that I was, in fact, signed up for the video portion of the conference instead. This was a bit nerve wracking at first, but it ends up that I actually know quite a bit about video, too.

During lunch, several of us were sitting around, talking about why we enjoy working in AV. The conversation then turned to the unusual phenomenon of the high school AV club and how there were never any girls in that club. Most possibly because girls didn't "get it" back in the day and the boys who were in it were weird, geeky boys with few social skills.

We then, collectively, determined that those awkward boys probably ended up being the most successful graduates in our respective classes. Then we all laughed at the idea that perhaps we are just trying to ride on the coattails of those AV high school boys in hopes of fantastic financial success. It was a fun conversation and a great conference. I was challenged creatively and I pulled off a decent showing.

Yay ME!

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