Sunday, November 16, 2008

One of my favorite things

A lot of years ago, I saw a most wonderful movie. Then my daughter saw it.

We spent many many afternoons watching this movie again and again.

Today, in the midst of my not wanting to put the house back together, a most wonderful thing happened. This movie came on TV. When it started, Sweetie looked at me from the across the room and said, "You know? I used to pray that I'd get powers like Matilda." It wasn't the first time she'd told me this.

I must tell you that I'm now fully convinced of the movie's awesomeness since Mr. Busy himself - the smallest in the land - has been COMPLETELY captivated throughout the whole thing. Of course he's busy during the commercials, but as long as the movie's on, he is absolutely enamored.

As it ended, Mini-Mann stretched and proclaimed, "What a great movie that was! The last part of the movie was my favorite. Wasn't it yours?" I think I may just have to get the book for him.

Moments like that give me hope for him; for all of us!

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  1. I love that movie because it showed the power she had even in the midst of an unloving and unhealthy environment. It IS a great message.