Sunday, July 15, 2007

Closed Captioning brought to you by...

Last night, Softie and I went out to Applebee's for dinner. They have televisions all over the place and last night they were playing the same game. It was the Mariners vs. the Tigers. Softie was simply watching the game, meanwhile I was able to read the closed captioning.

It seemed obvious to me that there were two people performing the captioning for the game. One of them was pretty good. She (see how I assume?) kept up pretty well and what she typed made sense. Then there was the other person. WOW! I wasn't thinking that a baseball game could be SOOO FUNNY!

Oh my goodness! At the end of the meal, I just started reading the game to Softie. He just laughed and laughed. I was laughing, too. It was so absolutely hilarious the way this silly person strung non-words together to narrate the game of baseball. She clearly had little exposure to the game and seemed rather unfamiliar with the English language as well, but it definitely made for some good comic relief.

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