Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer time

We are 100% on a summer schedule these days. It's been crazy how relaxed we have been in the last month or more. It stays light here until around 10:00 (Mini was washing the car about that time tonight) and bedtime hasn't happened much before the 11:00 news these days.

I rinsed the car off with buckets of water since we don't have access to outside water or a hose where we live. That was really fun, let me tell you! After that, I thought I should check my Reader to see if anything exciting had happened while I wasn't looking. Then, I decided to make dinner.

Eggs and toast were the menu tonight. Enjoyed by all. I know. You're jealous. I'm such a pro. HA!

Anyway, the whole bedtime routine has been extremely difficult lately. Extremely difficult is an understatement actually. Fighting. Screaming. Gnashing of teeth. Fists flying. Bleeding noses. I hope you get the picture.

Tonight, however, was a refreshing surprise.

Softie took me outside to talk about something moments after I told the boys to start thinking about getting ready for bed. When we returned, Mini Mann was asleep on the sofa and Middle Mann wasn't anywhere to be found.

I actually did find him. He was already in bed.

I reached for him to get a hug and he was giggling. I thanked him for getting to bed so quickly and asked why he was so happy.

"Because of our family."

All together now....awwwww....yeah, just like that.

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  1. Don't you just LOVE Summer? Does it seriously stay light that long? wow! No wonder bedtime is so crazy!!

    Oh and the comment from your son! Priceless!!