Friday, July 20, 2007

The Polyphonic Spree

The concert I mentioned in my last post? Who? Where?

It was a really cool venue. Smallish for a concert. Gigantic for a bar. Kind of an intimate mixture. There was some food and drink. It was good stuff. The company was funny and very excited to share her appreciation for a band that I didn't really know anything about.

I had seen them on Las Vegas and heard they were on Scrubs, but that's all the more I knew of The Polyphonic Spree. We were sitting at a table in the area behind and below the VIP's and just before the show started, the lead singer of the band came up and talked to us. He was looking for the VIP table and apparently our smiling faces were more welcoming than the big white signs posted on every chair at the table in the closed inish area that was raised about 6" from the level we were at. It was cool. I could totally tell he was a rock star, even though I had no idea it was the lead singer of the main act. I knew it was a big band, so he could have been any one of the 23 people that were planning to grace the stage.

It was a great show. The opener was a little weak, but the main event was actually amazing. There was sooooo much to look at and try and find (I love sounds!) There really were 23 people up there. The lead singer was more than that. He was the director of a small orchestra/concert band/rock band. It was amazing. Did I mention that?

Their words were clear and I found myself singing along with the rest of the crowd while I was very entertained by the show.

There were times when I was a little weirded out by how much it seemed similar to worship with the singability and the way the music would just hang out and swell and diminish at the direction of the leader's hands. I am so glad that when I worship, it is an almighty God who is the one and only Creator of the Heavens and the Earth and all that was and will ever be. Worship of Him is much more rewarding than worshipping a band. I was moved, challenged. Not to join in with the crowd and offer a praise to TPS. Certainly, I was a gracious attendee. I clapped at the ends of songs and during songs I participated with the crowd. It was just so interesting to watch a crowd of people seemingly fall in love in front of and in honor of the band.

I was challenged to remember that the Almighty God whom I worship provides me with more than a few instruments and entertaining singers. He has provided everything for me. Not only my daily bread, but also the intricate involuntary muscle cells that cause me to continue breathing without even trying. Certainly, there's more than enough ammunition in His bag of blessings to praise Him in all and for all of the moments of every day of my whole entire life.

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  1. They're from Dallas. I dunno if you knew anything about Tripping Daisy, but they did a seriously annoying/catchy song in the mid 90's--'I Gotta Girl.' Polyphonic Spree is the creation of the those guys, minus the dead guitarist. They made a huge splash for just being weird, with the robes and the balloons and the candy and stuff. And, that then caught the local media's attention, so they ended up on the local news and in the local papers. They were one of a couple of Dallas acts that brought middle aged people back into the club district, just to see what all the fuss was about, which then started to render them sort of un-hip and un-cool and be-soundtracked. It was entertaining to watch play out.