Friday, July 20, 2007

A couple of days off work

Last week I took Wednesday and Friday off work. Wow! I got a TON of stuff done! It was amazing. I didn't really have a goal for my time off, but I was kind of tired of tripping on the floor of my bedroom because of all the laundry on it. So, I washed clothes. And folded. And even paired socks! Yes...I was the tortoise through it all. Slow and steady won my race.

But man oh man! It was HOT here while I was off and there ain't no A/C in the ghetto!

It was 98 or something ridiculous on Wednesday while I was sitting patiently folding about 2 GIGANTIC loads of unpaired socks. I got up at one point to get some more of those silly little singles needing mates and when I came back to resume my work on the floor, I realized that the carpet where I had been sitting for the previous, oh, maybe 2 hours, was WET! from my sweat!

I realize that 98 isn't that hot for many folks, but up here in the Pacific Northwest, it's really a record breaking event.

On Friday, we ended up taking the boys to Dairy Queen for a cold little treat! Yummy!!!

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