Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And the grand finale of them all...

We woke up about 2 hours after we went to sleep so that we could grab the 6am flight out of Gainsville. R had to be back in town to pick her son up at a baseball game by 1:00 in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, the airport didn't know how tight her schedule was. We were slated to get back into town by 10:45 am dependent completely upon our 6:00 am departure.

The plane didn't show up to take us back to Atlanta in the morning. Instead, a caravan of taxis was waiting for us outside. They drove us to Jacksonville for an 8:30 departure. We weren't going to get home until 5 minutes to 1. Much too late for R to be able to get her son from his game.

During the drive, several crazy thoughts went through my mind. I'd never been in a taxi filled with other people I didn't know. There was the woman in the front seat who was going to visit her dying brother in Indiana. The family of 3 in the back, the youngest of which was probably in her late teens. She seemed to work for Disney or something. She talked endlessly about the different characters and all kinds of crazy back story. Meanwhile, I sat in the middle seat in the middle row of this van taxi. I had a perfect view of the speedometer.

At one point, I leaned over to R and said, "I find myself wondering - if we were to wreck, who would be responsible? The taxi company or the airline for putting us on this taxi." She disregarded my notion, but I realized that she wasn't looking at that dang speedometer. We were flying in a taxi through northern Florida. It was only 90 sometimes 95 miles per hour.

The flights were okay. I slept some and finished my book. Started another. Softie picked me up at the airport with Little Mann who had apparently been up most of the night puking all over. At least the sheets were already in the wash.

I made it home and gave out the silly gifts I'd picked up. Then I hit the couch and slept. and slept. and slept. oh! and slept.

Softie did an amazing job this week with the kids and I appreciate that more than I have words to express. Thanks baby!

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