Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Thursday and Friday...

Thursday and Friday were long from start to finish. They were full of training and testing new features in my fabulous software. It's not really my software, but it was so much fun to be there with the people who actually write the functions into it. And so much of the time, the suggestions that are made by my company are actually written in. And sometimes, our wildest dreams come to life before our very eyes.

We had been challenged to try and break the software. There were a couple little bugs. We didn't make it break like they made it break during one part of the preview. There was one time when the whole thing crashed. They didn't click on that button again during our preview. It's good to know that those things happen to them. It helps me to trust that they can fix it when it's broken. And that they will believe us when we tell them it's broken.

It doesn't break often, though. Well, too often.

We were asked to dinner both evenings and that led to fun way into the evening. Lots of fun with lots of new friends.

Amazing fun!

Not enough sleep to be sure!

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