Sunday, April 22, 2007

Leading up to all the fun!

I haven't posted since last Friday, so now I have to try and remember what happened between Friday and Tuesday. Because I know exactly what happened on Tuesday. Hee hee hee...I'm such a teaser.

When I ask my family what we did last Saturday, there are a lot of crickets. "Uh, some stuff," says the Sweet One. "Man! I can't remember," interjects Softie. Yeah, apparently Saturday wasn't much to write home about. I talked to a couple of friends on the phone and we planned to clean. As I recall, not much cleaning actually happened. I think I got a little napping done, of course. I also started on what was, by far, the big weekend project. Laundry.

Sunday, I ran sound at church with my team. That always makes for a long day. 6:30 am until 1:30 pm. I was in a daze mentally, unable to really focus on very much except the sound and the mix itself. I didn't feel very connected socially. I didn't talk to many people, wasn't engaged to deeply. I did enjoy the sermon and had wished that Softie had been able to hear it. It was technically challenging as there were lots of transitions between speaking and video and others speaking. Wireless mics make me nervous, but we worked it out. And I even got to sit with my dad for the last couple of minutes of the message.

When I got home from church, our landlord met us and picked up her refrigerator. I was working like a crazy woman to make up for the hours I'd spent napping the day before. Softie cleaned the bathroom before we got home, so I got to work on the floors and the kitchen. I was just finishing when she got here. And she didn't even come in! Dangit! But it was clean, so I wasn't too upset.

More Laundry. Oh! and a nap!!

Monday was pretty uneventful. Took the kids to school. Went to work. Worked like mad! Came home. Nothing out of the ordinary. I did take Softie and Little Mann to Ross. We got a couple of fun things, mostly in preparation for my upcoming! Another teaser.

More Laundry.

And then I went to bed. No nap. The fun was to start the next day.

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  1. OK definitely teasing me here! So where did you go? What did you do???????

    Teasing, teasing, teasing!!!