Thursday, April 5, 2007

screwed up...and apparently forgiven

Today was a screwed up day. Not much clear thinking. Lots of tears. Lots of sadness. Fear. Sorrow.


but I really want to talk. and not about today or any of that crap. but nothing seems to matter that much.

Tomorrow's Friday. It's going to be BEAUTIFUL tomorrow and I get to work. But then, I get to go to church and that will be awesome.

Good Friday is an incredible day to remember and count so dear the Love that God shared with me. Silly. Scared. Screwed up. ME. He created the whole world in His image knowing full well that we'd mess it up. Just so that he could give us Jesus, all Him and all Human. Knowing that the only solution for my sin condition is sacrifice and death, His son, The One did just that. He gave his life for mine. Once for ALL. Not just the pretty people or the people who have everything figured out. In fact, mostly not for them at all. Mostly for the messed up freaks like me.

Tomorrow's recognition and remembrance of His personal sacrifice that opens the door for me to relate with the Creator of all that is The cost so great. The invaluable gift. The undeserved, unearnable payment made for me. Wow.

Thanks isn't enough.

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