Monday, April 30, 2007

Backwards Hot Water

Have you ever had the water knobs on a sink installed wrong? Have you ever turned the knob on the right and gotten hot water instead of cold?

Well, since we moved that's what happens every morning when I brush my teeth.

It might seem strange to just now be noting this here, seeing as how it has been fully 4 months that we've lived here, but the impacts of this little switcheroo are becoming greater and greater every. single. day!

Trying to learn a new habit in my bathroom has created a little tiny problem in the rest of my sink usage. In the sink usage I participate in every time I use a sink other than the one in my bathroom.

Yes. It's as though I'm just learning that there is consistancy in the world when it comes to sinks and the faucet configuration. I find myself doubting whether or not it'll be cold or hot whenever I turn on the water. I've even found myself waiting and waiting for the hot water to get hot...all the while pushing nothing but cold through the pipes.

It's a silly thing really. It could be corrected very easily. I just don't feel like doing it first thing in the morning and I don't remember to do it later since I'm not using it again until first thing the next morning.

But I do find it very interesting that there can be so much "fallout" just because there's one sink in my life that's not quite right. Maybe, just maybe, now that I've written about this, I'll remember to switch out the inputs later in the day. Maybe I'll even ask Softie to do it for me.

Hhhmmmm...there really are so many options, aren't there?

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