Thursday, December 21, 2006

How'm I doin'?

A few days ago, I posted a list. I thought it might be good to take inventory of where I am as of today. There's only a little more than 3 days to go before the big day. Lots of things have happened since I made the list, so I'm VERY interested to see where I stand with it.

1. Clean up stuff around the house (this probably needs to be its own list so that I'll feel more like it's accomplishable) Although I never did make an additional list to clean from, I'm pretty sure I know where I'm at. I think, if I continue at the pace that I'm currently cleaning at, I'll be ready for my mom to come in without too much badgering about the state of my home.
2. Make a list of who I'm buying for and what they're going to get from me. Indeed, again! Although I did not make an actual list on paper, I have listed several times outloud and I'm pretty sure I'm on a good track here too! Weird!
3. Beat the small one until he believes me when I tell him he's the kid and I'm the parent. (this can probably wait, but it would certainly be nice to accomplish before the big day) Interestingly, this did not take beating. Apparently, he fears the power of Santa! We talked to him about how Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice. This has been very successful for us.
4. Call the Tacoma Rescue Mission about serving meals on Christmas Day. Rick signed us up today. Apparently, they'll call us to set something up.
5. Figure out what to do with the boys during that time. Right now, I'm thinking we'll bring them with us.
6. Come up with something really fantabulous that we can initiate as a new tradition since Michelle's gone. Something we've never done before that would honor and remember her. Okay, this one I have nailed! The only thing is that my brother isn't really on board for doing it in association with Christmas. He was very fervent about his disapproval so I'm not sure we'll actually do it on Christmas, but I can certainly introduce the idea and get totally ready to celebrate her life on the 11th of January (the one year anniversary of her death).
7. Study for my TEST! This must be done by Thursday. My boss has mandated such. I know you're going to be shocked, but I did not take the test last week. It was utterly CRAZY at work and there was not a moment to steal away, let alone 2 hours to take off and test! I'm calling tomorrow morning. If they're open, I might go take it. Depends on how I do on my practice test tonight.
8. Drop off donations at the Salvation Army. There's so much to go, another item. Dude! It's all just sitting in my van! And I've gone through a ton of my clothes! There's no reason for me not to have completed this. I think I'm seeing a pattern here. Looks like tomorrow is going to be a very, very busy day!
9. Finish cleaning up my room and put all my clothes away (for real), getting rid of those that I don't need/want anymore. I have made pretty good progress on this. You might not know it looking at the room for yourself, but I know. It's come a long way, baby!!
10. Make that damn dress for the smallest grandchild. Opted out. I bought one instead.
11. Don't think of the project as a damn project, but rather as an intelligent expression of my, um, ability to do nice things for people I really don't know. Maybe I'll make it for her birthday. It's in March. That's do-able. Right??
12. Tour a new day care. Tomorrow.
13. Make a decision about changing day cares once and for all. I have until Tuesday morning to do this. It's probably going to pend the daycare visit.
14. Bake? Nope.
15. Decide what I'm making for Christmas dinner. Ham - AND I've already bought it!
16. Buy the ingredients for said dinner. As I said! Done!!
17. Pray more...ever... I actually have prayed this week
18. Read the bible more....outside of Sunday during the sermon...I, um, haven't.
19. Trust God more....ever...without facing incredible adversity...I pretty much feel pretty good about this one.
20. REFILL MY MEDS!! What's wrong with me?? I'm so not batting even .500 here. I am SO going to have a busy day tomorrow. Don't worry though, I've been stealing the Big Mann's. Thank goodness, we take the same stuff!

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