Saturday, December 9, 2006

my list

I said I needed to make a list of things to get done before the big day. Maybe, if I stop putting it off, I'll actually make one. I only have 15 minutes, 'cause then I've gotta go get the Sweet One from her Christmas party. CU was cute is that? CU are the Sweet One's crush's initials.

The list...
1. Clean up stuff around the house (this probably needs to be its own list so that I'll feel more like it's accomplishable)
2. Make a list of who I'm buying for and what they're going to get from me.
3. Beat the small one until he believes me when I tell him he's the kid and I'm the parent. (this can probably wait, but it would certainly be nice to accomplish before the big day)
4. Call the Tacoma Rescue Mission about serving meals on Christmas Day.
5. Figure out what to do with the boys during that time.
6. Come up with something really fantabulous that we can initiate as a new tradition since Michelle's gone. Something we've never done before that would honor and remember her.
7. Study for my TEST! This must be done by Thursday. My boss has mandated such.
8. Drop off donations at the Salvation Army. There's so much to go, another item.
9. Finish cleaning up my room and put all my clothes away (for real), getting rid of those that I don't need/want anymore.
10. Make that damn dress for the smallest grandchild.
11. Don't think of the project as a damn project, but rather as an intelligent expression of my, um, ability to do nice things for people I really don't know.
12. Tour a new day care.
13. Make a decision about changing day cares once and for all.
14. Bake?
15. Decide what I'm making for Christmas dinner.
16. Buy the ingredients for said dinner.
17. Pray more...ever...
18. Read the bible more....outside of Sunday during the sermon...
19. Trust God more....ever...without facing incredible adversity...

Ahhh...the Holidays! Better life through chemistry, and LISTS


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