Saturday, December 9, 2006


So, I was sitting at home this afternoon, after my nap of course. I'm not sure what happened, but the walls started closing in on me. There's so much to do and I needed to run away from it!!!

After apparently picking a fight with Softie, that neither of us actually meant to have, I was out. Initially, the freedom was fantastic. I drove straight to the mall, completely alone! I knew that I wouldn't have to rush or deal with the pressure of little people needing everything that they see. YESS! It was going to be fun! Me and the world, in perfect harmony.

The weirdest thing happened though. In my running away by myself, I found myself face to face with a TON of ideas for gifts for the person in my life that's always the hardest to buy for.

Does everyone have one of those people? The person who you can't think of anything for or who will probably just take back everything they get, but would be completely offended by gift cards or pre-made little gift sets. They deserve more than a Meat and Cheese Box, but probably wouldn't like anything that you thought they would. They certainly wouldn't think anything of telling you what was wrong with what you chose for them.

She's always been hard to buy for. Our ideas of what is pretty or cool or worth having have always been so different. I've not ever really felt good about what I got for her, though I know that she's always enjoyed shopping for me. She always gets me very thoughtful things. Added to collections I have been building since childhood and special little things that only she could get for me.

Last year, I got her things for me. Is that actually selfish? I mean, I knew she wasn't actually going to be able to wear anything out or even use all of anything that I would get her. And I was right. She didn't make it consciously 2 weeks past Christmas. She didn't even remember what she'd given or received for Christmas only a few hours after our exchange.

But, you know what? I wish I had her to buy for this year. I saw the cutest pants at Old Navy, and this really neat thing of bamboo. There was special Asian plant food...she would have loved it.

Running away gets me nowhere. When will I learn?

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