Saturday, December 23, 2006

what a waking...

There I was, sleeping in my bed. All warm and snuggled in between my two favorite sleeping partners, snores-a-lot and snores-more-than-him. It was 4:30am. Without warning, the Big Mann's phone rings. This is not an unusual occurence since that's how we find out if he's working everyday. I was actually very excited to hear the phone ring since he has not been called to work since school let out on break a day earlier than expected (because of the wind storm and the power outage).

While he was on the call, I couldn't tell who he was talking to. He didn't sound particularly happy. He actually sounded very surprised. He expressed disbelief to the caller and apologies, but he didn't mention anything about being able to take the run. He didn't ask the standard questions of when he would need to be ready by or which location to show up to. As he ended the call, he told whomever it was that he'd let me know.

Grandma died in her sleep.

I don't really have much to say about it. She was old and had lived a very full life. She was married for over 66 years to Grandpa. They had six children together who are all grown with families of their own, and they all love the Lord. She has been an amazing example of patience and endurance in the different faces of adversity that came into her life.

She fell a couple months back and broke her neck. I haven't held out much hope for a full recovery. I'm sure that makes it seem like I have a very cold and hard heart.

Probably I do.

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