Friday, December 22, 2006

More to say

I think I have more to say. I feel pretty contemplative. It's funny though, because although my essence (and I don't mean that in an uber-phenomenal, hyper-spiritualized way. It just reads better than my 'ness, don'cha think?) is quiet, there's really nothing going on in my head. I think.

Maybe I've just really slept well this week. I've certainly slept enough. It's been a VERY rest-filled week. I have also had some very interesting dreams this week.

I would love to know if dreams actually mean anything. I hope they don't point to some internal serious issues! They're not as ewww-ish as they were a couple of weeks ago, but certainly they are relatively troubling.

I wonder about my dreams pretty regularly. I could probably blog about my dreams and support another whole blog with them.

I enjoy blogging, but I think that putting out the intimate details of my dreams out here on the triple dubs is maybe showing too much of myself. Modesty has some kind of long term promise, doesn't it?

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