Monday, November 5, 2007

Dancing with the Stars

I've read some blogs that track the reality shows and I by no means feel qualified to do this, but I'm gonna anyway.

We've been watching DWTS for about, well, I think a month. We did see the teasers on the Disney Channel and we happen to have a mini-love for the Cheetah Girls, so it made sense to use this season to finally get caught up in the drama of this fine reality show.

Okay, so last week, when our favorite little Cheetah Girl was voted off, or rather, didn't have enough votes to stay for another week, my Sweetie was all kinds of cranked off at the show. She seriously had to find someone back home that she could call and vent to. Someone who wouldn't care to know the outcome 3 hours ahead of time. The friend was located. She promptly made fun of the Sweet One for being so passionate about a TV show. I certainly hope said friend was reminded of her passion for Grey's Anatomy.

So, last week and this week were kind of downers. We were so hoping that Cheetah would have made it farther, but I'm not 100% sure how I feel about all of the contestants this week wearing little Cheetah paw prints on their bodies. It was like they were somehow diminishing the reality of this reality show. Like, they were calling the voting public out for their decision, or lack there of.

Now that our favorite is out of it, I'm going to root for Jennie Garth. She probably won't win since there's still a Spice Girl and Edyta's partner. I do like Julio. He's got game! Sweetie is now stuck between Jennie, the Spice Girl, and Mr. New York City (Edyta's partner).

I'll update tomorrow after the results show to see how we're doing.

For sure, there isn't rooting for the Osmond in our house.

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