Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today was a most amazing day.

It's somewhat difficult to explain, but all in all, it was a great day. It started just after midnight. I realized I've paid off the oldest of my credit cards and then I got a few text messages from my most awesome friend. Then, I went to sleep until I woke up on my own. (Nothing is better than that!)

We all got up this morning and the kids and I headed off to church. We've been going to this church for quite a while. Sweetie's been getting kind of involved in the youth group and has even brought her friend with her a couple of times.

The worship was amazing. Something else, sort of nerdy was cool about it too. The drummer was having a hard time hearing the lead vocal and was trying to express that back to the sound booth who obviously wasn't responding to the poor guy. So, nerdy me just couldn't let that keep going on, so I hopped out of my row and jumped to the back of the room to let the sound guy know that his drummer couldn't hear the lead vocal. That actually felt pretty good. I haven't spent a whole lot of effort paying much attention to the little things like that during a service. It wasn't distracting or burdensome for me to notice it. I just felt pretty sympathetic to the poor drummer. I guess there's a special place in my heart for drummers. Plus, this particular drummer and I have the same haircut, so I just couldn't resist. He needed help and he wasn't getting it, and then he did. I think helping out that way made me feel kind of a part of things in a way that I haven't in a lot of weeks. Like since August....

The sermon was good, and the drama team came out and did the drama that I posted a couple of weeks ago and Sweetie actually posted the real live video from our drama team today!

Then, there was an alter call.

I don't tend to think these opportunities generally apply to people like me. The type of person who has been a follower of Christ for most of her life. The type of person who most people around her would generally say has a strong faith that seems to direct her footsteps.

I must say though, that this girl who fits the above description has pretty much been phoning it in with God lately, and today, during church, I really felt like it was time to be done with that auto-pilot relationship with God.

I'm not sure where God wants me to go from here. I'm pretty sure it'll involve some real prayer and not the throw it up and hope it gets through the roof of my house. I haven't said much of a prayer that would probably get through the stratosphere lately. And I'm pretty sure God is higher than that.

I'm sure I'll drop the ball again, but I'd like to be able to get it back on the bounce instead of after I'm standing around wondering where the ball went only to find it right behind me. Again.

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