Tuesday, November 6, 2007

OVERSHARING AHEAD ~ You have been warned!

Sometimes pooping is as much work as delivering 3 babies!

At least it was tonight....

OMG! For real! I was in there for 45 minutes. Sweating. Pushing. It did not take that long to get all. three. kids. out. I pushed for about 30 minutes with the first. 6 pushes with the second. And about 10 minutes all together for the 3rd. The downside of tonight's experience? There weren't contractions coming every 2.5 minutes to help me finish the job!!

Ugh! I'm so tired now.

The upside? I came up with 3 posts for today while I was in there.

(this is one of them)


  1. Yep! A little TOO much information!! HA

  2. I'm going to try not to picture this in my head....