Sunday, November 11, 2007

Okay, so I've been kind of a lazy blogger the last couple of days.

I've actually been very busy.

I mentioned that Thursday was a travel day. Friday was the Big Day. We installed software on a server and then on about 30 or so workstations. I had lots of help, but we still weren't back to the hotel before midnight.

Then yesterday, we took a drive up to Estes Park in Colorado. It's approaching winter here, and while it's generally a pretty arrid area, there's a lot of rocks and dead grass, or croppy looking areas. Lots and lots of the dead croppy stuff. We went into the Rocky Mountian National Park and drove a good 2/3's of the open roads.

Today, we thought we'd try something a little different, so we went north about 35 miles into Cheyenne, Wyoming. To my surprise, we ended up on I-80 for a little bit and actually took the same exit I had with my kids just a couple of months ago.

It's Sunday and we started at 9:30. Needless to say, there wasn't much open at that time of day in the fine town, err, umm, city that is the capitol of the state of Wyoming. We did see the capitol building and a really big cowboy boot outside of the biggest train station I've ever seen. We had to cross over a pretty big bridge to get from one side of it to the other. The bridge was actually a little bigger than the one I crossed with the kids to get over the Mississippi back in August.

Unfortunately, the bridge and the boot were about all there was in Wyoming. We looked into heading over to the Cabela's in Nebraska, but it was just too far.

We ended up coming back into Loveland, grabbing a quick lunch, and then heading back into the National Park. We drove through the third we missed yesterday and saw a bunch of neat things. Mostly nature and wildlife, but still, it was neat.

We went up to Bear Lake and took some pics of the ice that was starting to form on the edge. It snowed a couple of flakes while we were up there. We saw a herd of probably between 400-500 elk, just hanging out in a prarie munching on the grass. We stopped and I was able to snag some video. They were making all sorts of noises with them all together like that, I hope the video does it justice.

Alas, dusk arrived and we headed back out of the park and straight to the hotel. I'm going back out in a little bit for some dinner and to pick up the pics from Target that were taken yesterday. Then, I'll be back here, in my room, learning all there is to know about Encounter Notes.

Tomorrow, we're back on site and the troubleshooting and training will begin!

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