Tuesday, March 13, 2007

html and boring templates

I wish I know more about writing in html. I think it would help me feel less bored with the canned options offered by blogger. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate having a place to start, and I really enjoy tweaking the code that I can. Unfortunately, I don't speak fluent html, so I can make some changes, but to make things as clean as I'd like...that will probably require some schooling. The formal type. I'm picturing a classroom, endless evenings away from home, and meaningless memorization. I would hope that at some point, it would all become clear to me.

I dream of knowing what all the little <"=%^'s mean. I know some of them, but mostly as they relate to hl7 coding.

Speaking of hl7 coding, I was checking online and I found a training that I think would really help my career and my ability to fully integrate my software at work into every facet of my world. That class is being offered in Cologne, Germany. I wonder if my company would pay for my tuition and travel expenses?! How sweet would THAT be??

Ewww...I just realized that my creativity is about to boil over! How odd for me? Granted, it's not the cute mommy type creativity. I have NO IDEA what a proportion wheel is, let alone own one! It's certainly not going to be keeping anyone else busy. Nope, the kind of creativity that's bubbling up is mostly just work for me. Lots and lots of work for me. PowerPoint, Publisher, and I are going to be real close in the coming weeks.

Okay, I think I need to stop now. Sleep must occur. Then, maybe I'll be able to reign in some of this productivity I've been swimming in.

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