Wednesday, March 21, 2007

random things my children said today

I'm not a big fan of bullets unless I'm building off one common idea. Too many words have been said today by my beautiful children for me to leave them in my brain to dissappear.
  • This afternoon, while I was working from home and on the phone in a conference call with very important people for work, my little mann put in a movie. This movie was an inappropriate choice, but the rating was near impossible to find while I was on my call. Fortunately for me, 5 minutes into the movie it became clear that this was NOT a good choice for a 5 year old. I changed from the movie to the Disney channel. He gets all put out, but I put him off about it until I'm off my call. So, the call ends and we begin:
    H: Why did you turn that off? I was watching it!
    M: It is not appropriate for you.
    H: Why?
    M: I don't want to say. We went around and around a couple of times until...
    M: Sex
    H: What's sex?
    M: I don't want to tell you.
    H: Come on, mom! You have to.
    M: Fine! Boys are male and girls are female. That's sex.
    H: What's wrong with that? There are boys and girls at my school everyday. What were they DOING? So, I'm stuck now, right?
    M: They were doing what boys and girls do to try and make a baby.
    He totally cracks up laughing! hmm?!
    H: You're silly! Boys and girls don't make babies!! Only Jesus can make babies!"
  • I worked from home for the last half of my day so that I could meet with a case worker about my middle mann's continued eligibility for disability services. I cleaned the place up before the case worker got here so that I'd look like a put together working mom of 3 (totally faking it! but ya gotta do what ya gotta do for the system). Anyway, once she was finished (he qualified! SHOCK!!!) people were hungry. Something got into me and I decided to make dinner. I know, you're wondering what has gotten into me! What's with the domestication?!? In fact, I referenced that very thing while I was flipping pancakes and remembering all the times my mother told my what a bad job I did at the flipping part. To try and break that stream of self-loathing, I said to the room filled with my husband and two boys, "Geez, daddy's gonna think he's married to a real woman with all this cleaning and cooking!" To which my son replies, "Eeewwww! He would NEVER think that!!!" Great. What an example I am to him!
  • My daughter and I were walking through Walgreens. We passed by some cereal on sale. One was Little Einsteins and the other was Disney Princesses. So she says to me, "I like to eat kids, I just think princesses cross the line." What?! She likes to eat children?! I know she meant kid cereal, but WHOA! I totally teased her about it until she went to bed tonight.
  • She said something else once we got home, but now I can't remember it. I totally laughed hard though. It was good.

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