Thursday, March 22, 2007

I used her youthful memory.

I could not believe that I forgot what the last funny thing was that my daughter said. It actually bothered me that my memory was being so short. It bothered my sleep! I wish my days would leave my nights alone!

But when we woke up, I asked her what it was that she'd said. She reminded me and then I fully recalled! HA!!

So, we had just gotten home from our adventures in Walgreens to find my husband sitting at the computer playing an online poker tournament. He'd been playing for some time and proudly reported that it was down from 4000 participants to 50 and he was still in it. To which she responds, "Wow, Dad! You're really one in fifty."

I think more than anything, it was nice to hear one of my children encourage him the way that the youngest had encouraged me with the whole Eww! A Real Woman?! comment.

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