Friday, March 30, 2007

Sometimes I wonder...

Sometimes I wonder about postings. I've been reading and reading all kinds of different blogs and one thing amazes me that I've not mentioned in the past.

I completely amazes me how there are people who seriously write a novel almost every stinking day. Okay, they're not novels, but for real! Dissertations at the very least. And they write and they write and they write.

I often feel like once I've published a post, I could probably go back and keep writing about the same subject, but that would just be boring. So, I don't know. I'm rather in awe of people who have #1 the time to write so much every single day and #2 that much information in them about any one particular topic that they can seriously devote an entire blog to that topic and still manage to post everyday.

My life is mostly just little 5-10 minute episodes of whateverness. My brain only captures about 1/4 of that. But it has been interesting to leave comments and want to reference a prior post that only happened in the history of my life and not in my blogland. It's a funny little quandry, huh?? Not having the time or the energy to write more and wishing there was more info here to be able to reference historically.

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